Dance Lessons
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Denville, NJ

  • Dance instills grace, poise, and coordination in the student. These attributes easily transfer to many other areas of life. They can be seen not only on stage during a dance performance or a school play, but also on the soccer field, in gym class and at the school dance. Later in life, these same skills help with that dreaded oral presentation or college interview.

  • Making dance part of a well rounded education will improve discipline of mind and body. The concentration and focus required at the ballet barre is essentially the same discipline required to achieve many of life’s goals. In a world of instant gratification, the ability to work toward a particular skill with weekly practice awakens a student’s internal motivation. When hard work produces results, students beam with satisfaction.

  • Dance builds self esteem. The knowledge of how to carry the body correctly, correct posture and poise are all benefits of a dance education. These traits in and of themselves make a dancer look and feel more confident wherever he or she may go.

  • Dance develops strength and flexibility in the body, keeping the dancer agile and fit for as long as he or she continues to study.

  • Dance aids in creative problem solving, increases organizational skills, memory skills, and helps the student to work effectively in cooperative learning groups.

  • Finally, dance is just plain fun! Dancers enjoy their art while staying in shape and meeting friends along the way.

Our dance instructors teach students from the Denville, NJ area, Rockaway, Parsippany, Morris Plains, Mountain Lakes, Boonton, Dover, Morris County, and most of North Jersey. We are conveniently located in Denville, just minutes from Route 46, Route 80 and Route 10.

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